An enterprise must know how to compare itself with the evolution of the market, but also with the changes that take place within the company itself. That’s why changing location for us means, besides being able to offer you a better service, to widen the choice of materials to put at your disposal. Via del Lavoro 27 Saletto di Vigodarzere 35010 (Pd) – Italy Tel. 049 8841515 Tel. 049 8257656 Fax 049 8841540

The brand is the “business card”, it is the first impression that the company gives to the market and its target. The change of name and of the coordinated image opens the company towards a new era, now ready to reach new goals and more ambitious objectives. This is what has to be transmitted to the market: the company does not deny the past but, taking advantage of the experience gained over the years, is preparing to face new challenges with the “dress” that suits them right now.