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Scelga il migliore tessuto per i vostri mobili

L’arredamento è una parte importante di ogni famiglia, scegliendo il set perfetto di tavolo e sedie, il divano, scegliendo i colori perfetti e tessuti può essere una missione noiosa. L’arredamento non deve solo guardare bene, ma dovrebbe anche adattarsi perfettamente nella vostra casa, come si può non in grado di cambiare molto spesso.

Ci è una vasta gamma dei tipi della mobilia, i colori e perfino i tessuti differenti da scegliere da e può essere un lavoro duro per selezionare la vostra mobilia con il migliore tessuto disponibile. Questo articolo vi fornirà più aiuto per scegliere da questa vasta selezione di tessuti.

1) praticità: di solito la gente inizia con il colore, l’aspetto del tessuto, ma la prima cosa che dovrebbe concentrarsi su è la praticità del tessuto. Tessuto dà mobili il suo aspetto e sentire, così si potrebbe desiderare di scegliere un tessuto che sembra piuttosto, ma si dovrebbe prendere in considerazione altre cose prima di utilizzarlo. Come, è la tua famiglia troppo grande, avete bambini in casa, per quanto tempo si sta per utilizzare questo pezzo di mobili per e così via. UN tessuto di colore chiaro non può essere la scelta migliore se si hanno bambini piccoli o animali domestici a casa. Inoltre, consideri i fattori come luce solare, poichè il colore del tessuto potrebbe sbiadirsi se esposto al sole per una durata più lunga.

2) durevolezza: è la cosa seguente dovreste cercare mentre scegliete il tessuto per i vostri mobili. I colori sbiaditi, tessuti macchiati o irregolari non sembreranno il la cosa migliore sui vostri mobili. È meglio da scegliere i tessuti che possono essere puliti con il lavaggio normale se avete capretti nella vostra casa. Ma durante la pulizia di qualsiasi tipo di tessuto di mobili, si consiglia di controllare le istruzioni in modo che il tessuto non è danneggiato durante la pulizia.

3) comfort e stile: la mobilia nella casa è usata solitamente ogni giorno, in modo da dovrebbe non solo essere stylish ma comodo pure. Se scegliete il tessuto troppo fragile perché sta osservando piacevole dovrete investire il tempo e l’energia per mantenerli puliti. Il tessuto scelto dovrebbe essere morbido e comodo da usare e mantenere. La mobilia di cuoio osserva molto elegante ma può attaccare alle vostri gambe e braccia nelle giornate calde di estate. Scegli un tessuto che non solo sembra bello, ma può essere mantenuto facilmente troppo.





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Linea Ecopelle

In recent years PRO.MITESS has specialized in the eco – leather sector. Now we can present a complete line of eco-leather fabrics, from the traditional line, up to the latest innovative products.

Click on the various sections to get all the features of each single line of eco-leather.
For more information do not hesitate Call us !

Eco-leather product lines

Faux leather Vega

Faux leather is the type of artificial leather, check that, and these are of two kinds. They are polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane. Faux leather is now finding a lot of uses and many prefer it to real leather.

Faux leather is economical and is much more affordable than real leather.

They are durable and will last for a very long time. It is also resistant to scrapes and scratches and does not peel or crack like the normal leather. Also, the faux leather is resistant to stain and is not affected by the sunlight.

The maintenance is very low when it comes to faux leather. It can easily be cleaned just by wiping it. Faux leather also does not retain the moisture and thus does not crack. There are also varieties of faux leather that can be cleaned just by using a dry cloth. Today many manufacturers use some variations of the faux leather for a visual appeal that makes it look like real leather.

The appearance is also consistent and the faux leather allows creating various patterns and textures on it. It is a synthetic material and thus can be dyed in many colors. This gives one a lot of-of freedom to choose colors when using faux leather for their homes.

It is also easy to work when using faux leather. It can be sewed and cut easily. The only drawback of using faux leather is that it does not breathe or stretch like the real leather. The faux leather is durable but it lacks in luster when it comes to real leather. It is also not resistant to puncture like the original leather.

Faux leather is today a trendsetter and it looks glamorous and chic. Leather gives you a feel of luxury but it is expensive. So for those who are on a budget but do not want to compromise on the classy look for their homes, faux leather is a better option.

Vega the wide-spectrum eco-leather for sanitary, naval, internal and external applications

Fawn leather Pasadena

Pasadena the modern, contemporary, vintage eco-leather.



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Talking about Microfiber this is a material that has been created using polyamide and polyester and is a synthetic product. The microfiber is used to make towels. Selecting them is crucial and it is also important that you know how to make out if the material is of a good quality.

The microfiber fabric mostly comes in two variants. One of these is thick and rugged and this is used to dust and clean. If you want to use the fabric to polish the delicate surfaces then look to buy the thin variety.

Before you go to purchase a microfiber towel understand what you need to use it for. There are various uses of microfiber towels and you need to make a selection accordingly.

Another important aspect is to judge the quality of the microfiber. The towel is of a better value if it is heavy in weight. The bath towels that are made using microfiber preferred by travelers because these can be fit into the small spaces. These towels are not to be found easily and are expensive but you get this variety online.

The microfiber towels are used to clean electronics. You can buy the multipack to save on cost. The microfiber towels are available online. You could look at the varieties before buying the microfiber fabric but take care to understand what to look for in them. There are a number of varieties available and you should be able to pick up the good quality ones from the low-quality microfiber fabric.

There are also different sizes of the microfiber towels that you can purchase. Whether you want to use it to soak yourself dry when you are on the beach or you want to use it to clean your glasses, there are ample choices of microfiber towels available.

Online you will be able to grab many varieties of this fabric. Do check out the variants and read the reviews posted by customers to understand whether this is what you want. You can also ask us for samples and get the desired microfiber to form us. All that you need to do is to contact us. So waste no time and go to this web-site and place your order soon.



Contact us 
PRO.MITESS srl Via Cristoforo Colombo, 9 35011 Campodarsego (PD) – Italy Tel. 049-8841515 – Fax. 049-8841540 Sales department : Administration office: Purchasing department : carlacargnin @
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Who we are


Who we are

Our staff is composed of young people, motivated, competent and with solid experience, always updated on the latest trends in the furniture market.

Choosing the right fabric for your furniture is important because it can make or break the look of your furniture.

Our staffs take care of the following steps before they select the right fabric for your furniture.

The first step is to select the project at slimnazer. There are a number of ways by which one can get inspirations to do a project and then work out on ways to make the design in a simple manner. You may also ask for a set pattern or use something that you have as a basis for the project.

It does pay to do some amount of research before choosing the fabric. The fabrics should be latest and just looking around a bit can give you a fair idea. Knowing the trend in fabrics is important and it helps to make your furniture look modern. The best way is to touch and feel the fabric first.

It is important to check the drape of the fabric. Unroll it to see how it looks when it hangs. This will give an idea of how it will actually look. The drape is an important thing to consider which should be decided based on how you want the look to be and what will suit the project. Also, make sure to find out the width of the fabric to know what you need.

Do check the color before you finalize on the fabric. The lighting in the store makes the color of the fabric look different. So make it a point to look at the fabric in the natural light. Another important thing is to check the fabric strength. Most of the fabrics will stretch and it is important that you try that out first.

What distinguishes the staff of PRO.MITESS is the strong sense of personal responsibility, each person knows how to take care of customer requests by providing fast and efficient solutions;

This makes PRO.MITESS srl the company:

  • with whom you can speak;
  • that gives value to the human relationship;
  • fast delivery;
  • respectful of delivery dates;
  • with a wide range of items in stock;
  • with qualified personnel to recommend the right products for the market;

Promitess is pleased to announce that it has received the certificate of the Italian Excellencies 2014/2015: see certificate.


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An enterprise must know how to compare itself with the evolution of the market, but also with the changes that take place within the company itself. That’s why changing location for us means, besides being able to offer you a better service, to widen the choice of materials to put at your disposal. Via del Lavoro 27 Saletto di Vigodarzere 35010 (Pd) – Italy Tel. 049 8841515 Tel. 049 8257656 Fax 049 8841540




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