Linea Ecopelle

In recent years PRO.MITESS has specialized in the eco – leather sector. Now we can present a complete line of eco-leather fabrics, from the traditional line, up to the latest innovative products.

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Eco-leather product lines

Faux leather Vega

Faux leather is the type of artificial leather, check that, and these are of two kinds. They are polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane. Faux leather is now finding a lot of uses and many prefer it to real leather.

Faux leather is economical and is much more affordable than real leather.

They are durable and will last for a very long time. It is also resistant to scrapes and scratches and does not peel or crack like the normal leather. Also, the faux leather is resistant to stain and is not affected by the sunlight.

The maintenance is very low when it comes to faux leather. It can easily be cleaned just by wiping it. Faux leather also does not retain the moisture and thus does not crack. There are also varieties of faux leather that can be cleaned just by using a dry cloth. Today many manufacturers use some variations of the faux leather for a visual appeal that makes it look like real leather.

The appearance is also consistent and the faux leather allows creating various patterns and textures on it. It is a synthetic material and thus can be dyed in many colors. This gives one a lot of-of freedom to choose colors when using faux leather for their homes.

It is also easy to work when using faux leather. It can be sewed and cut easily. The only drawback of using faux leather is that it does not breathe or stretch like the real leather. The faux leather is durable but it lacks in luster when it comes to real leather. It is also not resistant to puncture like the original leather.

Faux leather is today a trendsetter and it looks glamorous and chic. Leather gives you a feel of luxury but it is expensive. So for those who are on a budget but do not want to compromise on the classy look for their homes, faux leather is a better option.

Vega the wide-spectrum eco-leather for sanitary, naval, internal and external applications

Fawn leather Pasadena

Pasadena the modern, contemporary, vintage eco-leather.



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