Who we are


Who we are

Our staff is composed of young people, motivated, competent and with solid experience, always updated on the latest trends in the furniture market.

Choosing the right fabric for your furniture is important because it can make or break the look of your furniture.

Our staffs take care of the following steps before they select the right fabric for your furniture.

The first step is to select the project at slimnazer. There are a number of ways by which one can get inspirations to do a project and then work out on ways to make the design in a simple manner. You may also ask for a set pattern or use something that you have as a basis for the project.

It does pay to do some amount of research before choosing the fabric. The fabrics should be latest and just looking around a bit can give you a fair idea. Knowing the trend in fabrics is important and it helps to make your furniture look modern. The best way is to touch and feel the fabric first.

It is important to check the drape of the fabric. Unroll it to see how it looks when it hangs. This will give an idea of how it will actually look. The drape is an important thing to consider which should be decided based on how you want the look to be and what will suit the project. Also, make sure to find out the width of the fabric to know what you need.

Do check the color before you finalize on the fabric. The lighting in the store makes the color of the fabric look different. So make it a point to look at the fabric in the natural light. Another important thing is to check the fabric strength. Most of the fabrics will stretch and it is important that you try that out first.

What distinguishes the staff of PRO.MITESS is the strong sense of personal responsibility, each person knows how to take care of customer requests by providing fast and efficient solutions;

This makes PRO.MITESS srl the company:

  • with whom you can speak;
  • that gives value to the human relationship;
  • fast delivery;
  • respectful of delivery dates;
  • with a wide range of items in stock;
  • with qualified personnel to recommend the right products for the market;

Promitess is pleased to announce that it has received the certificate of the Italian Excellencies 2014/2015: see certificate.


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